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Who? What? When? Where? Why?

A global community of language lovers and learners, passionate about sharing their language and culture! 

Who we are...


What we do...


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All in a foreign language with an English translation!

When we do it...


The Gab and all our social media is updated constantly, then we take the best bits from the year and publish an hardcopy of The Mag ! 

The Gift of The Gab was founded at Newcastle University, but is for anyone and everyone around the world! 

Hardcopies of the Magazine can be found in The Old library Building and coffee shops around town.

Where we

do it...

Why we do it...

The Gift of the Gab aims to engage the student audience and those further afield, whether it be professionally or geographically, with current issues and popular culture from around the world. We do this in order to celebrate our variety and richness of languages and the cultures that they open doors to. 

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